There Existed an Addition To Blood album cover

Album Showcase: There Existed an Addiction to Blood by clipping.

When clipping. released the first single for their new album two months ago, I was very intrigued. clipping is best described as a experimental hip-hop group, I didn’t really vibe with their previous album Splendor & Misery, it was a little too harsh for my tastes.

This new single however was a new concept for them, a combination of horrorcore and hip-hop with a dash of noise sprinkled in.

The first single for clipping’s new album, “Nothing is Safe”.

This track immediately sets the mood for what the rest of the album will be which is your new Halloween party jam. Okay, perhaps some of the tracks are a little /too/ creepy for a Halloween party (I didn’t even know that was possible but here we are).

Continuing the horror show, the second single La Mala Ordina is where most of the noise of the album comes in. The track features Benny the Butcher whose flow is perfect for the grimy as hell beat.

The second single for clipping’s new album, “La Mala Ordina”.

I also learned, thanks to a YouTube commenter on that video is that the title of the track is also the original title for the 1972 Italian movie The Italian Connection.

The third and final single release for this album is one of my big favourite tracks from this album. The music video for it is also perfect. Dave really chewed into that gun.

I received a promotional e-mail about this video that does a better job describing it :

The “Blood of the Fang” visual is inspired by a photo of Huey Newton — co-founder of The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense — hand-cuffed to a hospital gurney while being treated for a gunshot wound in the abdomen after a gun battle with Oakland police in October 1967.

The song itself is built around a sample from Sam Waymon’s score to the 1973 experimental vampire film Ganja & Hess. Daveed Diggs’s lyrics conjure an alternate history of black political struggle in the 1960s and 70s, name-dropping radical activists and reimagining them as a pantheon of undead superheroes fighting against systems of oppression.

Promotional e-mail for the music video, subject – New video for “Blood of the Fang”
The third and last single for clipping’s new album, “Blood of the Fang”.
Content warning for gory visuals and fake blood.

At this point, I liked what I was seeing enough to have preordered a digital copy of the album. And whoo boy when the album did come out, I was not disappointed at all. Every track serves a purpose and fits into the horrorcore theme of the album. The production of every track is extremely well done as well, samples and effects are just right.

That’s enough of me gushing about this particular album, go give it a listen on Bandcamp and then play it at your Halloween party or if you are not the party ttype (same tbh), turn the lights off, put some headphones on and listen to it. Trust me, you will be spooked.

Also the last track is fire.