Album Showcase: Purpose by TAEYEON

The music video for ‘Spark’ a track from TAEYEON’s album

Alright so this album has been on repeat for me for the last couple weeks or so. Someone on a subreddit I frequent mentioned that a streamer was listening to TAEYEON so I decided to check her out. The first thing I saw was the above music video.

What stood out to me about that video wasn’t the visuals but TAEYEON’s voice. It has a certain soothing quality to it. So I decided to go check out the album on Spotify and whoa, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a kpop album from start to finish but I listened to all of it and then put it on repeat. My most favourite track is probably ‘Find Me’. Even on the weaker tracks like ‘LOL’ her voice shines through.

It is not possible for me to talk about the lyrical content of the songs because I don’t understand Korean so the album is carried on the quality of TAEYEON’s vocal delivery alone.

So yeah, enough of me blabbering on, go listen to the album.

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