Album art for Alfredo by Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist

Album Showcase: Alfredo by Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist

Music video for 1985, a track off of Alfredo

If you would have asked me which rapper would be perfect for The Alchemist’s production style, I would say either Pusha T or Freddie Gibbs. Well folks, I’m glad to inform y’all that this collaboration album between Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist is fantastic and just what one would expect from such a collaboration.

Freddie flow throughout the album is solid and the features are damn good too.

1985, Michael Jordan, bitch, I travel with a cocaine circus
Flow God level, like when HOV speak
I make a song weep, I got the game hurting

Verse: Freddie Gibbs on 1985

And speaking of features Conway the Machine’s verse(s) on Babies & Fools stands out as a particularly heartfelt one.

Uh, I’m on tour, I’m on the road just hustlin’ and shit
My baby mama cut me off, she had enough of my shit (She sick of my shit)
I’ll Cashapp stacks every now and then, like that’s enough
She like, “At least FaceTime, your babies don’t see your ass enough” (You right)
Plus my older son is failin’ math, that shit ain’t addin’ up
I guess I ain’t around bein’ a dad enough, I owe my kids

Verse 5: Conway the Machine on Babies & Fools

The weakest feature in my opinion is Tyler the Creator’s feature. It’s not bad, just not particularly impressive or interesting compared to Freddie’s spitting throughout the album and the rest of the features.

At 35 minutes of run time this is a short and sweet album filled with good tracks and even better production. It doesn’t overstay its welcome which is critical because I can’t take Freddie Gibbs’ particular style in anything more than small doses.

From a production perspective this album is very The Alchemist, filled with samples and smooth melodies. I’ve seen some people say that The Alchemist’s style is getting a bit old now but I’d say he manages to keep it fresh while maintaining his signature style. This album doesn’t quite sound the same as The Price Of Tea In China for example. His versatility continues to impress me and I’m nowhere near tired of his style. Now, let’s get Pusha T on his production and my hip-hop dreams are fulfilled.