Quick Listen: Summer by Joe Hisaishi

Music video for Summer by Joe Hisaishi

This one showed up in my YouTube recommendations a couple days and I’m glad it did.

The non-piano instrumental backing is done by the London Symphony Orchestra if the Spotify artist credit is to be believed.

It is decidedly not summer out here right now which makes me appreciate this track even more.

Quick Listen: Into the Unknown by TAEYEON

YouTube video titled – TAEYEON – Into the Unknown (From “Frozen 2″/Official Video)

Okay so I don’t know anything about Frozen 2 but this video showed up in my YouTube recommendations presumably because I’ve listened to a bunch of TAEYEON before this and boy am I glad I decided to give this a listen.

I just cannot get enough of her voice and she does a great job with this song.

Quick Listen: John Redcorn by SiR

A video of SiR performing John Redcorn for COLORS

That voice is incredible, just so emotive. I love the way he ends the performance by walking away from the camera while still singing.

I am checking out his 2019 album “Chasing Summer” while I type this. SiR is definitely on my radar now.

Quick Listen: Offworld by Special Request

This techno gem came to my attention by way of a interview with the artist published on the Bandcamp Daily blog and it perfectly matches with the game I’ve been playing recently which is The Outer Worlds.

I can totally envision my player character listening to this album while gallivanting around space in her space ship. The music is eminently danceable as well, so like groovy British space techno. If this like something that is up your alley, go check it out on Bandcamp.