harue – 失踪

On my semi-regular music discovery runs where I spend a few hours going through by Spotify Discover Weekly and my Bandcamp new queue to find something good I often come away with not much to show for the time spent. I wouldn’t call it time wasted as its something I like doing but its not always rewarding

However, sometimes you come across something that immediately makes you go “oh shit oh fuck this is incredible” and this track is one of those gems. I found this track via r/listentothis which is a music discovery channel that is not a regular for me but whoo boy am I glad I decided to go browsing there this evening.

As soon as the guitars and vocals hit me for the first time I was blown away. Just incredible vocals and the guitarists absolutely shred. Not to mention, the mixing and production on this track is absolutely stellar, the guitars sound clear and crisp, the vocalist is not getting drowned out. Just perfect.

According to the reddit thread, this track doesn’t seem to be on Spotify at the moment and it only seems to be available as a CD on the record label’s website. That’s a shame because I would love to add this to my Spotify library to listen to on repeat!